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Banco de México Museum seeks to disseminate the role of money in the exchange, its use and its issuer. Disseminates and gives access to the numismatic collection of Banco de México, promotes experiences that spark critical reflection around money in our lives, as well as the relationship of Banco de México with society in a bidirectional and dynamic way. In addition, it conveys institutional strength as a fundamental piece of modern Mexico and highlights the importance of a central bank with autonomy and credibility.

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Banco de México Main Building

Located on one of the most emblematic avenues of Mexico City, building that today houses the museum was built in partnership by De Lemos & Cordes Architects and engineer Gonzalo Garita y Frontera, inaugurated in 1905.

In 1926 it was remodeled by the architect Carlos Obregon Santacilia to house the central offices of Banco de México. The building is an example of eclecticism, since it includes neoclassical elements on the outside and art deco on the inside.

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Numismatic Collection

Explore the numismatic collection that Banco de México guard, considered one of the most important in the world.

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