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The Banco de México Museum is divided into five separate spaces harboring exhibitions focused on money and the tight relationship between Banco de México with society.

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Hall 1. Hallway
Hall 1. Hallway Hall 1. Hallway

The bank entrance hallway is the welcome area. Visit it to appreciate its beautiful architectural details and enjoy the animated projection of the stained-glass window by Fermín Revueltas.

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Here you can also get a first impression of Banco de México, what it does, how it is related to you, and why it has opened the doors of its main building to the public.

Delve into this space created for you, you will be able to appreciate the restoration work of architectural and decorative elements in the Banking room, which took place during the year 2021.

Hall 2. Money
Hall 2. Money Hall 2. Money

The story of money begins more than 5,000 years ago. Its evolution from seeds to electronic data has been marked by changing needs in societies seeking more efficient ways to exchange goods and services.

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Get to know our numismatic collection through various interactive experiences, in which you can can identify the most important moments in the story of money and discover various ways money has been transformed in adaptation to different context.

What do you think money will be like in the future?

Sala de dinero

Explore the numismatic samples. You will become familiar with distinct forms of money, from stones, necklaces and tools to banknotes and coins. This selection of numismatic pieces from around the world will take you on a voyage to different eras, in which you will get to know what kind of money was used in each.

Each of the pieces exhibited shows how money has always maintained three key functions: it is widely accepted by society to make purchases and payments; it is used to set prices and register debts; and it is used to transfer the capacity to buy goods and services across time.

We hope that through these objects, banknotes and coins, you can find out what commercial transactions were like in the past, and explore some interesting facts that might surprise you.

Explore the timeline of money in Mexico

Sala de dinero
Hall 3. Banco de México
Sala del banco Sala del banco

Banco de México is our nation's central bank. Our activities are focused on providing society with domestic currency, the Mexican peso, and ensuring that this money functions as a means of exchange, unit of account and store of value, so that we can use it with confidence in all our transactions. We invite you to meet them!

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How do we accomplish this?

By orienting all our actions toward achieving our priority objective and aims:

  • Safeguarding the purchasing power of the domestic currency, our priority objective.
  • Promoting the healthy development of the financial system.
  • Providing the economy with domestic currency and fomenting the adequate functioning of the payment systems so that people can make transfers and other payments quickly and safely.

Interior Sala del banco

Explore these interactive experiences and discover the effects of Banco de México’s work on families and businesses

Get to know the Banco de México timeline
Interior sala del banco
Hall 4. Vaults
Boveda Boveda

The Banco de México headquarters building shelters an underground space full of history and magic. We invite you to visit various historical and economic periods through the numismatic copies kept in the safe deposit boxes.

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Discover the fine engravings and characteristics of the first coins made in Mexico; as well as the coinage made during the periods of the war of Independence and Revolution; and the award-winning pieces for their design and beauty.

Get to know objects from other parts of the world that, due to their utilitarian value, were used as a means of payment, the first coins in the world minted in the East and West, and some specimens from the ancient world.


Don't miss the immersive experience of the Main Vault, a multimedia show that will take you to the heart of the trust.

The Vault show takes place in an emblematic but small space, as it was originally designed for the safe keeping of valuables. Its robust and iron structure has enabled it to offer a unique experience.

Access to the Vault must be reserved online at the ticketing site or the Museum box office. Shows start every 15 minutes.

To guarantee the safety of our visitors, access with strollers or wheelchairs is not allowed.

Hall 5. Mezzanine
Mezanine Mezanine

Conclude your visit on a high note by examining the numismatic collection at the digital exploration stations.

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The art movement known as Art Deco was a worldwide phenomenon that also incorporated regional aspects into its expressions. A magnificent example of this is the interior of the Banco de México Museum. Learn a little more about this way of expressing the imagination in one of the most distinctive and evocative styles of an era.

In the Mezzanine, you can enjoy the temporary exhibitions, admire the unique urban landscape of the Historic Center and visit the museum shop.