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Poetics pictured from a distance: ART/BANKNOTES/SHREDDED/
From March 18 to July 03, 2022

Poéticas pictóricas a la distancia: ARTE/BILLETE/MACULATURA/REFINES/DISEÑO
18 de marzo al 03 de julio 2022

In the aim of connecting the visitor to Banco de México’s cultural efforts and highlighting the relationship between financial education and national and international history and culture, we inaugurate the exhibit Poetics pictured from a distance at the Banco de México Museum, comprised of 41 works by visual artists participating in the fourth edition of the program ART/BANKNOTES/SHREDDED BANKNOTES/SHAVINGS/DESIGN 2020.

Begun in 2017 and coordinated by the Directorate of Financial Education and Cultural Affairs, the program consists of an invitation to recognized artists to create pieces of art out of shavings and shredded banknotes, scraps obtained from cuttings and fragments of banknotes with printing defects caused during the manufacturing process.

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