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Get to know and download the books published by the Museo Banco de México, in which you will find various themes related to the permanent and temporary exhibits.

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ABC Mercados desde el arte contemporáneo

The following pages contain the ABC of the exhibit Mercados desde el arte contemporáneo, as an illustrated glossary showing, in a dynamic and entertaining way, the elements comprising the curatorial narrative of the presented artwork.

The exhibition was conceived as a network of interconnected nodes with a common purpose: to trigger a discussion from different perspectives concerning Markets. Among these nodes-which can be interpreted from a non-linear perspective and seen as a whole various actors may be identified: the artists, their pieces, and the concepts linking them to the Museo Banco de México. In this context, this ABC was proposed and lists all the nodes comprising the network of the exhibition Mercados desde el arte contemporáneo in alphabetical order, placing them on equal ground and without a preconceived thematic hierarchy so each is presented individually and as a self-contained notion, all harmoniously linked to one another.

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