Banco de México Museum: A New Story

Visit the exhibition in the Banco de México mezzanine, from September 24, 2022 to January 8, 2023.

Marking the Banco de México Museum's first anniversary is the temporary exhibition Banco de México Museum: A New Story, focused on the commemorative medal imprinted with the Museum's logo, which identifies graphically this space which seeks to establish links and reinforce trust and connection with Mexican society by exhibiting the numismatic collection, Banco de México's functions, and the architectural riches of its main building. The door of the Bank's vault, the Museum's icon, is represented on the medal.

Commemorative Numismatics: The Banco de México Museum Medal.

As part of the inauguration of the Banco de México Museum, a commemorative medal was produced, on the front of which you can see the door of the main vault, while on the back you observe a representation of its security mechanism.

The first thematic nucleus of the exhibition is focused on an iconographic analysis of the Banco de México Museum medal, in which the key axes of the Museum are brought together, reflecting the institutional solidity and trust that the vault's structure transmits: the architectural gem that the building is, represented by one of its most noteworthy features, and the numismatic collection, of which these medals now form a part.

Stored Memories: Uses of the Vault Across Time

In this second thematic nucleus, almost 100 years after the manufacture of the Banco de México main vault, you can see exhibited the functions and story the vault has contained, acting as a symbol both of institutional solidity and strength and Banco de México´s nearness and commitment to society, as it works every day to reaffirm the trust society places in it.

The vault's functions have varied over the years and now form a key part of the Banco de México Museum experience, given the vault's special mission of communicating the most valuable asset with which Banco de México operates on a daily basis: the trust of the Mexican people.

This is transmitted in the immersive experience Journey to the Center of Trust, in which, from the heart of the central bank, the story is told of how trust has been key to economic exchange and the circulation of money throughout time and all over the world.

"From here, we glimpse the possibilities that we can only build together."