A Banknote Family. Patrimony and technology in your hands

Visit the exhibit in the Mezzanine of the Banco de México Museum, open from September, 2021 to February 27, 2022.

The temporary exhibit “A Banknote Family. Patrimony and technology in your hands” seeks to provide visitors with an approach to the most recent family of banknotes issued by Banco de México. The exhibit highlights the banknotes’ technological innovation and artistic value.

The G banknote family was conceived in 2013 when the Board of Governors authorized work on the design, manufacture and issuance of a new banknote family.

The curatorship includes murals, collages, infographics and images, through which the visitor can become familiar with the processes undertaken to produce the banknotes, from their conception and design to their manufacture and the way they are put into circulation. The exhibit includes interactive elements as well as QR codes allowing for more in-depth treatment of some of the subjects.

Something that stands out throughout the exhibit is the technological innovation in the security and accessibility of the Family G banknotes. These elements reinforce trust in the use of paper money, thereby meeting society’s needs.

The family has a theme, defined by the title "Historic identity, natural patrimony," in which distinct periods in Mexico’s history are revisited in chronological order, according to banknote denomination. In addition, Mexico’s most representative ecosystems are illustrated; these are recognized by UNESCO as natural and cultural patrimony.

With this exhibit, Banco de México opens its doors to the visitor with an invitation to become familiar with the bank’s key functions, focusing on domestic currency issuance and the preservation of the currency’s purchasing power, thus contributing to the improvement of the economic welfare of all Mexicans.