The Banco de México Museum

The Banco de México Museum is divided into five separate spaces harboring exhibitions focused on money and the tight relationship between Banco de México with society.

Hall 1. Hallway

The bank entrance hallway is the welcome area. Visit it to appreciate its beautiful architectural details and enjoy the animated projection of the stained-glass window by Fermín Revueltas.

Here you can also get a first impression of Banco de México, what it does, how it is related to you, and why it has opened the doors of its main building to the public.

Hall 2. Money

The story of money begins more than 5,000 years ago. Its evolution from seeds to electronic data has been marked by changing needs in societies seeking more efficient ways to exchange goods and services.

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Hall 3. Banco de México

Banco de México is our nation's central bank. Our activities are focused on providing society with domestic currency, the Mexican peso, and ensuring that this money functions as a means of exchange, unit of account and store of value, so that we can use it with confidence in all our transactions.

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Hall 4. Vaults

The vaults in the basement of the building are an emblematic space, where values were closely guarded in evidence of the trust placed in Banco de México.

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Hall 5. Mezzanine

Conclude your visit on a high note by examining the numismatic collection at the digital exploration stations.

In addition, you may visit the temporary exhibitions

Don’t forget to stop by the museum store and take home a souvenir of your visit