Markets from the Perspective of Contemporary Art

Visit the exhibit in the Banco de México Museum mezzanine, starting August 12, 2022.

The curation includes 39 works of art that invite visitors to reflect on the concept of the market, from the most immediate contexts in physical and local markets, to global financial markets.

We invite visitors to connect with the various concepts present in any type of market, such as supply, demand and prices, as well as market typologies.

The exhibit opened August 12, 2022, with the participation of 10 domestic and international artists who have been recognized for various contemporary artistic practices, in an interesting variety of plastic and audiovisual platforms for their work, from painting and sculpture, to installations, digital art, and multimedia immersion experience.

The Banco de México Museum would like to thank all those involved in this project, whose generous collaboration made it possible to present the exhibit Markets from the Perspective of Contemporary Art. The Changarrito Archive Collection project, founder Máximo González, collaborators Iván Buenader and María Juliana González, the Cherem Zaga family collection, the Alterna Gallery, the Marcelo Podestá collection, the Charpenel Guadalajara collection, the Mexico City Parallel Project Gallery, the Saenger Gallery, the University of Contemporary Art Museum.

Participating artists:

Alejandro Gómez Arias, Alicia Herrero, Antonio Isaac Gómez, Cecilia Barreto, Eduardo Abaroa, Elisa Insua, Federico Martínez Montoya, Joseph Heathcott, Máximo González, Melanie Smith.

Become familiar with the participating artists

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